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About Us

MStateLottery is the oldest independent lottery results site on the Web. Established in 2015, MStateLottery’s mission is to provide visitors with accurate lottery information, tools, and other services for all Multi state lotteries.

We offer instantaneous results and state-specific information about games, rules, schedules, claiming procedures and results archives. Our talented team is constantly working to improve your lottery experience. In order to continue to innovate, we need your feedback. We invite you to contact us with any suggestions that you may have.


  • We are active in all U.S. jurisdictions that have a state lottery.
  • We provide results for over 270 lottery games.
  • Unlimited users are viewing our site at any one time.
  • During big draws, unlimited users are checking our site.
  • Our results data is verified and checked for accuracy 24/7.

What we do

Our databases are updated constantly to show the latest lottery results. Users have access to the last 365 days’ worth of numbers. Our dedicated lottery specialists oversee these numbers to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.

We also offer lottery tools to improve your experience with the games, including past number checkers and quick pick generators. These tools analyze thousands of lottery numbers in real time.